Completing a property profile or property search profile will take less than five minutes. Once submitted, the program does all of the searching, filtering and analyzing for you, 24/7. It will locate that 'needle in the haystack' property for you and locate buyers for properties. 

NDAXI is designed to perform a vast amount of integrated analytical tasks while searching for you. Computer software and hardware will never replace the human brain, but NDAXI performs tasks that the human brain could never duplicate, like looking at and evaluating hundreds of thousands of bits of data instantly for your specific needs, recording its findings and informing you and the other party when you have matched at minimum of 76 percent overall i.e.14 out of 17 categories. Our competition really only matches on about three (3) categories, i.e., Type of property, Location and Price.

Read these simple instructions, complete a profile or two and you’re learning curve is done. Your first time will take you ten to twenty minutes to complete your first profile(s). After that, five minutes each. We do offer a "HELP" button at each question just in case you need a quick reference on how to respond to the question.

1. Question "A": Type of Property: (A-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4) (One choice)

(1) Improved, (2) Un-improved (Land-zone for), (3) Agricultural/natural resources and (4) REO Auctions, distressed notes, and foreclosures. NDAXI only permits you to search for one specific type at a time because each type is treated differently, internally and according to its own special characteristics. For example, you would not look at an 'apartment property' the same way as a 'dairy farm'. NDAXI offers about 70 choices between A-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4.

2. Location: (Question B)

The seller picks one zip code; the buyer prospect may select from a range of zip codes. The Buyer may also select a number of miles around a selected zip code.

3. Price: (Question C)

The seller enters the actual price of the listing. The buyer prospect selects from (a) either a fixed price and NDAXI searches 25% above and below or (b) a range of prices. NOTE: if you select a RANGE for Price, you must also select a RANGE as to SIZE.

4. Size: (Question D)

The size varies according to the type of property, i.e., units, square feet or acreage (the program delivers you the correct size 'type' in accordance with your selection of property type. Examples: apartments are UNITS, warehouses are Sq.Ft, and a farm is in Acres. If you enter an exact size, NDAXI matches 25% above and below: If you selected a RANGE for PRICE, you must also select a RANGE for SIZE.

5. Down Payment: (Question E)

The Seller selects a specific percentage. The Buyer prospect selects a percentage that is the maximum they would entertain. Any selection equal or less on the seller side will match. As for the Buyer's selection, one choice LOWER than the Seller's will match.

6. Return on Investment: (Question F)

The seller selects the exact range the property is actually producing. The buyer's selection is a range that also reaches 25% above and below their selection. Any ROI lower or higher than the Seller's choice will match.

7. Cap Rate: (Question G)

The seller selects the exact cap rate. Any selection the Buyer makes that is equal or lower than the Seller's selection, will match.

GROSS RENT MULTIPLIER Question G-1) will pop up if you have selected apartments and certain other TYPES of improved property. (A-1) Seller selects exact GRM and any Buyer selection which is equal or higher will match better in this instance meaning a 'lower' GRM.

8. Seller Financing: (Question H)

If the seller selects the number 1 option (seller will not carry back financing), then only the buyer selection of number 1 will match (Buyer does not prefer Seller Financing). If the Seller selects #2 (Seller will consider carry back financing) then either #1 or #2 will match on the Buyer's Side.

9. Existing Mortgage(s): (Question I)

If the seller selects 'existing financing is assumable or beneficial to the buyer', then the buyer's selection of number 2 will match.

10. Existing Lease Type: (Question J, K, L)

Lease terms: If the buyer wishes to occupy a property, or if the seller wishes to announce the buyer can occupy and be a user of that property, then both parties select J-1, K-1, and L-1 (No lease or Vacant). Also, if any buyer selection in these three categories is a 'lesser number' than the seller (listing), or equal to, then these will match.


11. Age of Structure: (Question M)

if the buyer's selection is (any age is fine) then either numbers 1, 2 or 3 of the seller's (listing) will match. If the buyer's selection is number 2 or 3, then the seller's (listing) must be an exact match.

12. Development: (Question N)

If the seller selects (major development or upgrading will substantially increase annual revenue) because the property is not showing it's true potential, this selection may affect certain other choices like Cap Rate, Return on Investment (ROI) and GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier), etc. Only use Major Development if in fact this possibility does exist. Naturally, all 'buildable parcels' offer this major upside potential.

If the Buyer selects #3 (no development or upgrading) then neither 1 nor 2 of the Seller's choice will match. If the buyer is willing to get involved in Limited Development or Upgrading (#2) then this will only match #1 or #2 of the Buyer's selection. But it will not override the failure with matching on Cap Rate, ROI or GRM, as referenced above.

13. Form of Down Payment: (Question O)

if the buyer selects (cash or cash to Loans), then either number 1 or 2 of the seller's (listing) selection will match. If Buyer selects #2 then only #2 of the Seller's choice will match.

14. Price per square ft.: (Question P)

The Seller selects the exact amount. The Buyer selects from the DROP DOWN BOX. Any Buyer choice equal or less to the seller's choice will match.

15. Future Growth Potential: (Question Q)

If the Buyer selects #1 (Low) than any selection by the Seller will match. If the Buyer selects #3, then only #3 of the Seller's choice will match. If the Seller selects #2, then a Buyer selection of either #1 or #2 will match.

16. Applies to the Buyer only: (Question R)

The seller has no selection to make here. However, if the seller receives a match wherein the buyer selects #r 1 and has provided a final date to identify a 1031 tax beneficial exchange, this alerts the Seller that he/she has a great match. This question is not part of the matching algorithm as far as percentage of overall matching is concerned.

17. CATEGORY "S": (The Text Box):

This is an optional category, except if the Seller has selected A-4 (Distressed properties and notes, etc). The Seller must describe either briefly or in detail, what the offering is. As A-4 only matches on ZIP CODE. However, NDAXI has been designed to deal effectively with OFF MARKET (open listings), this Text Box (category S) enables an agent with an EXCLUSIVE LISTING to either continue to treat the identity confidential or give full disclosure, including photos, addresses and specific details of the property. The TEXT box can also be reached from the MATCHING advice notice that members receive when they receive a Match. You simply click on TEXT BOX at the bottom of the Matching Advice Notice and then you get to the Text Box.


THE "TEXT BOX" is the vehicle or methodology by which a member can broadcast their property (or even their Search for a specific property) to the zip codes they are advertising to. The member simply clicks CATEGORY "T" which then takes the member to the "TEXT BOX". Here they will make the zip code selections of their choice and enter all of the material they wish to utilize in their advertisement. They can simply enter their photos, data, and then just click SEND. This will then take them to the credit card platform and they will enter their information there. They will then have the zip codes selected and the FEE will be $10.00 to reach all of the real estate agents within a three zip code area. For a wider selection of zip codes, and PRICING, the member will click on "ZIP CODE SELECTIONS AND PRICING". This feature provides the member with the approximate number of agents within a specific zip code. Once all of the procedures are complete, the credit card Information loads automatically and the advertisement i.e., BROADCAST, will be processed.
Important to note: it is paramount that you answer every question accurately so that you can obtain high quality matches.


Both the buyer and seller receive mirror images of MATCH ADVICE NOTICES. A match means that the parties have matched 100% on TYPE OF PROPERTY, LOCATION and PRICE RANGE and a minimum of 76% overall out of the 17 Key Categories, i.e., 14 out of 17. So when you receive such a notice, it is a HOT LEAD.

This all inclusive form also does the following: (a) notifies you with whom you have matched and all their contact information, including email address, (b) tells both sides what their CONFIDENTIAL code word is, (c) shows each category that MATCHED or failed to MATCH, (d) offers you the opportunity to pull up an NCA/NDA agreement and send your OFF MARKET listing information to the MATCHEE. But, if you wish to treat it confidentially, (e) offers the TEXT BOX to send the MATCHEE photos and content regarding your property. Regarding (f), it notifies you of the percentage matched, and (h) offers you a CONTROLLED DRAW DOWN OF 'MATCHES'. This means if you have over (5) matches, you'll be delivered the first 5, and highest percentages. You will then be notified of how many matches you have overall, and will be able to select the others whenever you're ready... And finally, it offers you free and unlimited use of EZ-CAROUSEL.  This enables you to send your photos and listing content data within the TEXTBOX, but using EZ-CAROUSEL.


Once you enter the profile into the data bank, it searches for you 24/7 until you elect to delete the profile. At the end of six months from the time a PROFILE has been entered, the member will be alerted to extend the TIME that the profile will be active, or they can DELETE it. If the member does nothing, NDAXI may delete the profile after six months or so. This means NDAXI searches in both directions, unlike other programs, i.e., a buyer looking for a property or a broker looking for a buyer.


This unique program is only available to members of NDAXI and is UNLIMITED in use. Its purpose is to offer NDAXI members a truly SPECIAL and EXCITING format to present their listings to prospective buyers or agents.




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